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This page provides some of the more often used conventions for articles in this wiki. This should be used in conjunction with the MediaWiki Help Pages.


A battery rack

Use the code below to include pictures:

[[Image:filename.png|right|thumb|100px|This is a caption]]

From the code above, the picture filename.png is included on the right-hand side of the screen as thumbnails (thumb) of 100 pixel width and with the caption "This is a caption".

For example, the code below leads to the picture on the right:


For more options, see Mediawiki Help:Images.

Naming Conventions


"Fig" + number + "_" + article name / description

For example, the second figure for an article about arc flash = "Fig2_Arcflash"


This wiki uses a LaTeX based equations inside <math></math> tags. This is the basic syntax:

<math> LaTeX Equation \, </math>

Use the "\," option at the end of the equation to graphically render the equation (otherwise, it will be rendered in ASCII if possible). For example, <math> \cos \theta \, </math> yields

[math] \cos \theta \, [/math]

While <math> \cos \theta </math> (without the "\," option) yields

[math] \cos \theta [/math]

For example, this code:

<math> |\mathcal{E}| = \left|{{d\Phi_B} \over dt} \right| \, </math>

Gives this math output:

[math] |\mathcal{E}| = \left|{{d\Phi_B} \over dt} \right| \ ,[/math]

For more information about LaTeX maths equations, see the LaTeX Mathematics Wikibook. Note that you don't need to use \begin{equation} or \end{equation} as this is automatically covered by the <math> </math> tags.


{| border = "1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" style = "text-align:center;"
!style="background:#efefef;" width="80px" | Material
!style="background:#efefef;" width="300px" | Advantages
| blah || blah
| blah || blah

The code above creates the following table:

Material Advantages
blah blah
blah blah

For more on tables, see MediaWiki Help:Tables


Categories are typically added at the bottom of an article using the following code:


Where in this case, the category name is "Electropedia".

The list of all the categories used in this wiki is located here.

YouTube Videos

You can embed YouTube videos as follows:


Where in this case, "DWef69ItVrU" is the YouTube ID of the video.


You can play around with wiki editing in the Sandbox area here.