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The following books are those that we recommend as essential to an electrical engineer's library (note that the links below are Amazon Affiliate links):

BICC Cables Book.jpg

Electric Cables Handbook, BICC cables (edited by G. F. Moore) - comprehensive book about cables mainly from a British / European perspective

Electric machinery.jpg

Electric Machinery, A. E. Fitzgerald et al - clear and detailed exposition of electrical machine fundamentals. This book is a real classic.

JP transformer.jpg

J&P Transformer Book, M. Heathcote - the most complete book on transformers that was first published in 1925 and has been regularly updated since then.

PSS Kundur.jpg

Power System Stability and Control, P. Kundur - this well regarded book is in my opinion the clearest and most comprehensive book on power system stability. It's certainly popular and is often seen on an electrical engineer's bookshelf.


Electrical Transients in Power Systems, A. Greenwood - widely recognised as the bible of electrical transient analysis. It was first written over 40 years ago, but is still relevant today.

Handbook Power Calcs.jpg

Handbook of Electric Power Calculations, H. W. Beaty - good range of electrical power calculations from the very simple to the more involved. Biased towards North America.

HV testing.jpg

High Voltage Engineering & Testing, H. M. Ryan - excellent overivew of high voltage equipment theory and testing techniques (based on an IEE lecture series)


Symmetrical Components for Power Systems Engineering, J. Blackburn - the classic book on symmetrical components and their applications in various electrical engineering problems.

PV Science.jpg

Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering, A. Luque and S. Hegedus - quite possibly the definitive reference book on solar photovoltaic engineering, covering everything from the theory of different PV cells and how they are manufactured, to the engineering design and modelling of PV systems

Handbook of batteries.jpg

Linden's Handbook of Batteries, T. Reddy - arguably the most comprehensive book on battery technology

Classic Works

In addition to the books above, Open Electrical also hosts and links to some of the most classic and seminal works in electrical power engineering. Have a look at the Classic Works section.