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Open Electrical is a free, independent electrical (power systems) engineering design resource for industry practitioners. It is aimed at bridging the gap between what is taught at engineering school and what is needed to practice effectively in industry.

Industry practitioners are normally busy people and when they need information, it's usually for something related to what they are doing right then and there. However, their requirements will depend on how deep or broad they need the information to be. For example, one engineer may need to know something very specific, like what PETP stands for, while another may require something broader, like how to perform a touch and step potential calculation.

The philosophy of Open Electrical is to provide all of this information using a layered "onion" approach. The top layer (e.g. the cables category) is very broad and provides general information about a topic with links to more specific articles. It's good as a starting point on a topic. But as you peel back the layers, the articles become deeper and more specialised.

For Android users: Find us on Google Play under the name "Open Electrical Webser" - a small application that links You directly to this website, without choosing any browser. (This is a beta version)


  • Julius Susanto is a chartered electrical engineer from Australia. His interests are power system modelling and studies.
  • Fikret Velagic is an electrical engineer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with interests in renewable energy, mechatronics and electrical power engineering software.


  • Philippe Mertens is an electrical engineer from Belgium. Find out more about Philippe on his user page.
  • Muhammad Raza is an electrical engineer from Pakistan with a masters degree from Germany. His interests are in HVDC and power systems analysis.
  • Douglas Smith is a project designer and technical writer from the United States and pondering about obtaining a formal electrical engineering degree.
  • Ankit Roy is an electrical engineer from India with a masters degree in Power Electronic Drives. He is currently working in a network analysis cell to take down power distribution losses in India.
  • Jeson Pitt works as a sales representative for D&F Liquidators, a leading supplier of electrical products. He has a keen interest in everything “electrical” and loves to learn about new techniques to polish his electrical skills and knowledge. Jeson also loves to share his knowledge while enlightening people about electrical products and solving their electrical dilemmas.
  • Ben Ubah is a power system engineer from Nigeria, with interests in web-based power system analysis and simulation, virtual power system laboratories, computational power systems engineering and the RPowerLABS project.
  • Volkan Kumtepeli is an electrical engineer from Turkey with a BSc. degree in Electrical Power Engineering from Yildiz Technical University. He is currently studying PhD. degree in Sustainable Earth at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He is interested in control of power electronic converters and applied mathematics.
  • Navid AghaEbrahimi Samani is an electrical engineer from Iran with interests in electrical installation, electrical machines & renewable energy. Also, working for one of the biggest companies in Iran.


Open Electrical is offered under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. This allows you to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon Open Electrical, even commercially, as long as you credit Open Electrical for the original creation.