LV Cable Commissioning

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Visual Inspection

  • Check cable mechanical connections
  • Check that cable colour codes conform to project specifications and/or national standards
  • Verify cable tags / numbers

Electrical Testing

  • For each test, record the testing instrument make / model and serial number.
  • Perform insulation-resistance test (megger) on each conductor with respect to earth and adjacent conductors. For 0.6/1kV cables, an applied voltage of 1,000 Vdc for 1 minute is appropriate, with acceptance levels of 100 M[math]\Omega[/math] for new cables and 1 M[math]\Omega[/math] for aged cables.
  • Perform continuity (point-to-point) tests to ensure proper cable connection and continuity. Where applicable, perform continuity tests on each phase to neutral and each phase to phase and record the readings in Ohms.