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In this section of Open Electrical, we do our bit to keep alive some of the seminal works of electrical power engineering.

Classic Books

Theory and Calculation of Alternating Current Phenomena, Charles Steinmetz, 1900

Steinmetz 1900.jpg

Written over a century ago, Charles Steinmetz' book is arguably the original textbook on AC theory and analysis. It's quite complete with discussions on transformers, synchronous and induction machines, etc.

Download or read it online at

Earth Conduction Effects in Transmission Systems, Erling Sunde, 1949

Sunde 1949.jpg

Sunde's comprehensive book on electric currents flowing through earth is widely referenced in many texts, but is difficult to get a hold of in print form.

Download it at Open Electrical (23.9MB)

Power System Stability, Edward Kimbark, 1950


Kimbark's terrific textbook on transient stability is fairly simple to read and still relevant today.

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Synchronous Machines: Theory and Performance, Charles Concordia, 1951

Concordia Synchronous Machines.png

Charles Concordia's classic text on synchronous machines still forms the basis of many a graduate course on modelling machines. Currently out of print, it's not easy to find a copy of this book.

Download it at Open Electrical (~62MB)

Circuit Analysis of AC Power Systems, Edith Clarke, 1961

Clarke 1961.jpg

Edith Clarke's excellent textbook on power systems was based on her lecture notes for GE training courses. In this book, she develops the well-known Clarke Transform. First published in 1943, this is the seventh edition of the book.

Download or read it online at HathiTrust Digital Library